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Sarah Ford Foundation Seeking Donations Of A


and a


To Help Thwart The Onslaught of Dementia

Related To Memory Loss In The American Public!


Criteria for Home/Van

The Sarah Ford Foundation, organized to provide educational, nutritional and informational support to families, care givers, guardians and medical personnel of clients suffering from memory impairment and related dementia, is seeking the donation of a


·                      new to 10-year-old 6 bed 3 bath 6,000+- sf home, built on at least half an acre, in the Los Angeles or outlying areas [less than 30 miles outside Los Angeles], and a


·                      preferably new wheelchair-accessible Van which seats at least 2 wheelchairs


from a philanthropic organization which could use a tax write off [real estate company, general non-profit or for-profit corporation or individual, etc.].  These two items are the link to the commencement of one of the most DYNAMIC and WELLNESS-ORIENTED PROGRAMS of this century.


Trends in Quality of Life and SFF Program Essentials

Current research shows a high probability that by the year 2014, four million plus people will have some form of memory impairment, one form of which is also known as Alzheimers Disease.  The graying of America is a fact; consequently, the attrition rate is decidedly greater, and people are living longer, thus memory impairment in age 40+ individuals is currently growing by leaps and bounds.  Our unique program concept promotes a “change in lifestyle” which revolutionizes the mind set of care givers and clients, as well, in order to assist them in managing the psychological and physical process one uses to fight the dementia.  Because this disease so drastically attacks the body, CLIENTS AND CARE GIVERS, ALIKE, NEED THIS HEALTH CARE PROGRAM to maintain clients’ cognitive and motor skills, both of which regress more quickly without our program.  Our research studies show that care givers are sure candidates for “care-related stress” and many times become more ill than the memory impaired.


Foundation Status & Initial Client

The Sarah Ford Foundation, pending non-profit 501 (c) 3 status, is named in honor of Ms. Sarah Ford, a songwriter who was diagnosed with progressive memory impairment [renamed Alzheimers’ Disease] in 1988.  Ms. Ford was also an unfortunate victim of a heart attack and two strokes in 1997 at the hands of personnel in a convalescent hospital in Santa Monica, CA.  As a result of her care giver daughters, April Colon-Haywood and Matilda Haywood, via their nurturing and loving care of their mother [utilizing both conventional and alternative treatment], Ms. Ford is currently persevering and ready to walk again, provided her daughters can secure housing facilities and personnel as soon as physically and humanly possible.


Time, Space & Prospective Foundation Staff

The present space, a senior apartment, does not allow for program expansion, and time is of the essence, as Ms. Colon-Haywood and Ms. Matilda Haywood are currently anxiously ready to hire additional personnel, while creating many home care positions in the process, to offer the program to a larger population.  Ms. Ford’s daughters, the Sarah Ford Foundation administrative principals, are requesting the home for the day-to-day operation of the “holistic care and treatment facility.”  Facility staff and board members will include, among others, a nutritionist, chef, medical doctor, homeopath, herbologist, physical therapy/sports director with staff of physical therapists and multi-media communications director.


Staff, Clients in Extended- and Short-Period Programs

Ms. Ford, of course, is the initial recipient of the unique program in which environmental, nutritional, neurological, metaphysical, psychological, mental, emotional and physical arenas are all explored.

Other clients, the list for which is multiplying as we speak, will take advantage of the program by visiting either once a week for an extended period [i.e., 6 to 12 months] or by visiting once a day for a shorter period [i.e., 2 to 4 weeks], after which time family members, guardians, care givers or medical personnel can treat clients at the home or hospice from which they come.  The extended period program is designed for patients who have only one care giver, and the short period program is designed to teach the basic tenets of the program to the extended family or support group members so they can provide follow up services to the client at their homes.


Additional Information

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Ms. Haywood at 310.652.6801 LA or Ms. Colon-Haywood at 818.558.7961 Burbank.  We thank you in advance for your kind and considerate philanthropic gestures.  May a peaceful life force always dwell in your aura.


Healthfully yours,




Ms. Matilda A. Haywood        Ms. April T. Colon-Haywood       


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